GEOSONDA was established in 1948. Since its founding and during the initial development period we were mainly focused on specialized works from the basic branches of activity:

Construction – Special geotechnical and civil engineering works

On the site, Geosonda was executing its specialized services, based on its programs and projects as well as projects based on other design organizations. During the transition through development and organizational transformation in the recent period, Geosonda has always strived to optimally complement and to complete its activities, to modernize technology and equipment and to dimense its full capacity in line with global trends and the objective needs of the market.

Such targets are achieved in full and Geosonda is successfully partzcipating for decades in the implementation of large and complex projects from their activities, both in the domestic and international market.

Period of extreme recession in the region of Southeast Europe in the last decade of the twentieth century found system of Geosonda in the organizational form of Holding with six-member subsidiary companies. In this period some parts of the system had been much reduced, and the total number of employees was reduced to about 500 workers, representing only 20% of the number of workers from the previous period, when this system was at the culmination of its development capacity.

The company FUNDIRANJE succeed to keep their facilities and provide the satisfactory employment in that period.

After the decentralization of the system – allocation of subsidiaries in 2005, the company GEOSONDA FUNDIRANJE-DP was allocated as an independent public company, with all its inherited resources and capacity, including 150 staff and workers and specialized professionals. At november of 2006. year, the company exceeds in private property limited company and became GEOSONDA-FUNDIRANJE AD.

In late December 2011 Geosonda funding was successfully certified according to ISO 90001:2008